Mrz 23 2010

Ipswitch, Inc. Network Management Division Introduces a Major Product Release with WhatsUp Gold 14.2 Featuring Powerful User-requested Updates

New Redundancy and Unix/Linux Functionality, Upgrades to Existing Modules Now Available

Lexington, Mass. – March 23, 2010 – Ipswitch, Inc.’s Network Management Division, developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT management solutions, today introduced a major revision to the release of its flagship product, WhatsUp Gold 14.2, which brings to market the most sought-after features requested by its customers, including built-in redundancy and Unix/Linux monitoring functionality. WhatsUp Gold 14.2 also includes updates to WhatsConfigured, WhatsConnected and FlowMonitor, all of which feature improved reporting, performance and usability for WhatsUp Gold customers. The release also brings new virtualization technology to customers of all sizes with the WhatsUp Gold WhatsVirtual plug-in (covered in a separate press release today). New in WhatsUp Gold 14.2 is WhatsUp Gold Failover Manager, one of the most highly requested modules by customers. Capabilities include automatic bidirectional failover of the primary system, automatic notification if one of the systems fails, automatic shift of monitoring responsibilities once the primary system is back online and manual push of monitoring responsibilities during maintenance. As frequently requested by global customers, WhatsUp Gold features improved Unix/Linux functionality with new methods for monitoring and managing Unix/Linux systems, including new active and performance monitors and a new action type. Built-in SSH monitoring allows users to monitor any device that supports SSH, offering true monitoring and management of Unix/Linux systems. For a complete list of new features available with WhatsUp Gold 14.2, please click here. “Ipswitch, Inc.’s WhatsUp Gold has given LodgeNet a significantly improved level of network awareness and provided us a unified, easy-to-use and informative portal to manage more than 19,000 devices deployed in high-use public environments,” said Steve Pofahl, Senior Vice President, GM Hospitality Operations for LodgeNet Interactive Corporation. “We constantly strive to elevate our network performance and customer satisfaction, and the new Unix tools will allow us to enable automatic healing in our mixed Windows and Unix environments,” Pofahl said. Also rolled out with WhatsUp Gold 14.2 is an update to the Flow Monitor plug-in, which includes top-ranked customer requests such as support for the IPFIX protocol, NetFlow support in Cisco ASA firewalls, known as NetFlow Security Event Logging (NSEL), and 95th percentile reporting, also known as burstable billing. It also includes a host of other performance and usability enhancements. Flow Monitor can now support up to twice as many flows per minute. At the request of customers, WhatsConfigured has been enhanced to include policy monitoring, import/export of custom scripts and global configuration search, positioning Ipswitch’s Network Management Division as an established vendor in the change management space. As part of the WhatsUp Gold 14.2 release, WhatsConnected introduces the auto-creation of device dependencies on export to WhatsUp Gold, scheduled discoveries, inventory reporting and integration with the WhatsUp Gold Web interface. Adding more automation allows users to easily obtain an understanding of their entire network topology while freeing up time for business critical tasks.


New Features in WhatsUp Gold 14.2

  • Flexible Business Hour reporting that enables measuring and monitoring of service levels agreed between business and IT
  • Extension of powerful and agentless monitoring and actions to Unix and Linux systems via the SSH protocol
  • Enhanced reporting and alerting via scheduled PDF reporting and instant SMS communication of alarms
  • Powerful visualization with multiple data points on graphs that enable at-a-glance analysis of network or system resource performance
  • New performance monitors for tracking interface errors and discards


New Features in WhatsConnected

  • Automated Dependencies
  • Scheduled Discovery
  • Reporting
    • Asset/inventory report
    • Device connectivity report
    • Bridge port utilization report
  • Credentials import
  • Device category exclusion


New Features in WhatsConfigured

  • Policy monitoring
  • Global configuration search
  • Custom script import/export
  • New device support


New Features in Flow Monitor

  • IP Flow Information Export (IPFIX)
  • NSEL support (Cisco ASA)
  • 95th percentile reporting
  • sFlow v2 support
  • Performance improvements
  • Usability improvements


Pricing and Availability

WhatsUp Gold v14.2 is immediately available starting at $1,895 USD (MSRP) for a single license. A free trial of WhatsUp Gold v14.2 is also available today.


About The Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc.

The Network Management Division of Ipswitch, Inc. is the developer of the WhatsUp Gold suite of innovative IT Management software. WhatsUp Gold delivers comprehensive network, system, application and event log monitoring and management solutions for small and medium businesses and enterprises. Built on a modular, yet integrated  architecture - the affordable and easy-to-use solutions scale with the size and complexity of any physical or virtual IT infrastructure. From a single console, WhatsUp Gold supports standard IT management tasks including automated discovery, mapping, real-time monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting. Over 100,000 networks worldwide use WhatsUp Gold solutions to assure the availability, health and security of their critical business infrastructure today.


Ipswitch, Inc.’s Network Management Division recently added to its product line complete, easy-to-use solutions for Windows Security Event Management (SEM) and Log Management for small businesses and enterprise-level organizations suite with the acquisition of Dorian Software Creations, Inc. WhatsUp Gold was named Network Management Product of 2010 by Network Computing Magazine and earned the Network Products Guide 2010 Product Innovation Award in Network Management. To learn more about WhatsUp Gold – the best value in IT Management software, download a free trial or to make a purchase, please visit: