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The Definitive Guide to Secure FTP

Secure File Transfer Guide

What is FTP thumbnailAre you concerned with the security of file transfer processes in your company? According to a survey of IT pros familiar with the file transfer solutions used within their organizations - you’re certainly not alone.

Customers, remote employees and business partners have to exchange critical data over the Internet. Effective file transfer is often key to the way organizations run their business and their ability to compete.

However, many companies today are challenged with finding more secure, efficient and reliable ways to manage file transfers. Electronically exchanging company information — such as financial data, client data, health records, employee data and other intellectual property — carries with it the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

Failure to adequately protect your data can lead to productivity loss, fines for noncompliance with data protection regulations or a tarnished public image. With this much at risk, it is imperative that you have effective management and control over your file transfer processes.